Why MBA in Australia ?
  • Strong and highly recognized education system
  • Vast, diverse and active market
  • Solid economy with rich natural resources
  • Welcoming people
  • Multicultral society
  • Beautiful country
  • Beautiful weather
  • Booming business and various opportunities
      Quick Facts about Australia
  • Population : 22,778,025
  • Area : 7,617,930 km2
  • GDP : $1.507 trillion (2011 est.)
  • Currency : Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Capital : Canberra
  • Largest City : Sydney 4,575,532
  • National Language : English
       Fees of study & Living Costs
  • MBA course fees for international students range between $18,000-$70,000 AUD ( living costs : $18,000 AUD per year for the main student) - MBA Fees

  • English langauge fees vary depending on the duration of the course. The minimum duration is two weeks and the overall cost range between $1,400-$3,500 AUD (total cost for two weeks) 
Student Visas & Immigration


  1. Applicant's country passport
  2. Applicant's intended course of study - Student Visa
•  World’s sixth-largest country
•  World’s sixth highest income (per capita)

Facts about education and universities in Australia

• Universities in Australia have in total an enrolment of more than one million students, and employ more than 100,000 staff
• The expenditure of the Australian universities accounts for 1.5% of GDP, with significant amount that goes to students, staff, industry, and the wider community
• Australians who hold a Bachelor degree or higher earn 39% more on average compared to those who have only completed Year 12 schooling
• Australia is one of the world's leading research nations on a per capita basis, with 10 Nobel Prizes to date
• Australia accounts for nearly three per cent of the world's research output - MBA FAQ
Student Visas are issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship based on two factors :

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